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Designing brochures with translation in mind

Are you designing a brochure that will be translated into other languages? Here are a few tips:Leave plenty of white space – Bear in mind that some European languages can be 50% longer than English. In contrast, Chinese can be 50% shorter. Avoid tight headers/mastheads – When translated, they may become three lines of text. Avoid justified text – It will often look full of holes in languages with long words. Avoid colouring some words within a sentence – To emphasize some words, [...]


Translations of Australian Government information

The current list of Australian Government agencies that have access to the Department of Human Services cooperative procurement programme in which Language Professionals participates (service category: translation) has grown to 36 agencies: Attorney General’s Department; Austrade; Australian Aged Care Quality Agency; Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research; Australian Competition and Consumer Commission; Australian Crime Commission; Australian Electoral Commission; Australian Office of Financial Management; Australian Organ and Tissue Authority; Australian Public Service Commission; Australian Securities and Investments [...]


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Our in-house multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) team is specially trained in working with foreign languages and scripts, including right to left languages and complex script languages. We can get your translations ready for either print or web publishing. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this service as many things can go wrong when formatting and typesetting different languages or scripts. We are capable of working on both PC and MAC platforms, and employ state-of-the-art multilingual graphics and publishing software. We usually [...]