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Why you should subtitle your social media

Foreign language subtitles will boost your audience Videos are on the rise in social media, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Adding subtitles to your social media videos makes sure people get your message even if they don't listen to the audio. 60% of YouTube’s 1 billion monthly viewers are from non-native English speakers. So it's highly likely that your English language video will be seen by someone who will need foreign language subtitles to understand it. By using subtitles, you will ensure that [...]


Voice-over or subtitiles, what should I choose?

Voice-over, localizing, foreign language re-versioning, re-narrating, dubbing, re-voicing, subtitling… There are many names for different forms of audiovisual translation, and which one you choose is ultimately driven by your audience’s preference. A foreign language voice-over will make your presentation look and sound complete and professional, as if built for that language market from scratch. It avoids over-crowding of on-screen text and captions, and is easier to listen to and follow. Most likely though, your voice-over project will be more expensive than [...]


Foreign language voice overs: How to get top results

A clear, confident voice-over narration is the perfect way to express your message in a foreign language. Voice over projects in languages other than English require skill and organization in order to be successful. Translation for voice overs is quite different from translation for printed materials. Language Professionals can advise on all aspects of your foreign language projects to ensure the best possible result.You will need... A good script It is important scripts are in ‘spoken language’ and not ‘written language’. Short, simple [...]