Why should you choose Language Professionals?

Buying translations is not easy, because you can’t evaluate their quality and have to trust the service provider. You should contact Language Professionals if:

You want a quality translation.

  1. The reality of the translation business is that good translators are hard to find. We have worked with our translators for nearly 30 years now and only employ translators whom we trust, who have been tried and tested, whose qualifications have been checked, and whose work and credentials have been vetted.

     MYTH 1: Anyone who speaks two languages can be a translator. Translation is a skill. That means that you’ve got to spend some time on deliberate practice before you become good at it.

  2. Many professional translators have expertise in specific areas such as legal, medical, tourism or technology. Language Professionals are able to match translators to projects, to ensure the best possible outcome.

    MYTH 2: Good translators can translate anything. To be able to provide high quality translations, one should not only know a foreign language, but also feel at ease with the subject matter.

  3. Beware of fake translators. A few years ago, Language Professionals noticed a massive increase in the amount of unsolicited freelance translators’ applications we were receiving.  We quickly realised however, that while the CVs may have been real, they had been stolen from other reputable translators, with just a few important details altered, such as the contact details. Unsuspecting client order translations from those fake translators, only to end up with a translation done by Google or similar. We would say that MORE THAN 90% of the CVs we receive are fake. While finding your own translator might seem like a cheaper option, bear in mind that a good translator, regardless of where they are based overseas, will command good rates.

You have a multilingual project

With a single phone call or email, a project comprised of multiple languages can be organised for you. Using your own translators involves dealing with multiple individuals, which can be extremely time consuming and problematic and is best left to a specialist project manager. Language project managers have expertise in areas like workflow, quality assurance, translators’ briefs,  they can manage your deadlines, and liaise with you regarding potential translation issues.

You need more than just a translation

  1. You need professional desktop publishing. Few translators are able to work directly with files from desktop publishing programs, such as Indesign. Language Professionals is able to deliver you the finished project, as they we use professional desktop publishing softwares in-house. We are also able to export the text from these programs in a way that allows translators to work on the text without actually having to own the programs themselves.
  2. You need independent checking by a second translator. This will require a lot of your time and test your diplomatic skills before the final version is finalized.
  3. You need back translation. You will require an expert linguist to compare the source text to the back translation.
  4. You need recording, voice-overs or subtitles. The translations will need to be done by specialist translators and Language Professionals has access to many voice-over artists in many languages.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Language Professionals Australia on +61 2 9356 1600.